A twisted tale

Hello all,
I know, I know..its been a while since my last post. It seems ” My get up and go has got up and went” No..I’m not hankering for a chunk of cheese. Things have been slow for me,both RL and in world, I find myself at times just..taking up space in both.
Maybe I lost my Muse, I just know I haven’t had the desire or creativeness to do much lately. I am slowly recovering from the surgery, but at times its the most I can do is sit and just enjoy relaxing in world. Hopefully I am out of that slump.

I saw what 8f8 was doing for the Arcade and decided that this would be my first effort back. He always make it so easy to blog his things as there are always a million possibilities. No need to even dress!
I could tell you how gorgeous the items are..and how the house exterior is texture change, or how the snow is easily removed with a touch of a button. I could tell you just about everything is mod ( not that you would ever need to)..But…I won’t…oh..heck..I just did!
I know the collection is based on his grandmother and their mutual love for each other. I lost both sides of my grandparents when I was very young and have few memories of them, so I found myself thinking of my father….if they were anything like him, I know I missed alot of good memories and love.

What I decided to do was put a twist on an old tale, I will let the pictures speak for themselves and hope you enjoy.

Ps…The granny avi is the bomb..so make sure you follow the link and go get your granny on!

Studio Skye: Enchated Trail, Enchanted Woods, Four Season Oak Tree
_8f8 – La Petite Joie Cafe – Delivery Tricycle RARE, Street Lamp
The rest of the scene is 8f8’s – Granny’s Winter Cottage COLLECTION – Availible @ The Arcade Event

The Secret Store – Little Granny Avatar – ( yes that right I’m granny…Aren’t i just the cutest thing!)
The wolf is one of the new designed starter Avi’s…we all have them….woots!


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