Where to next?

Where to next.1

No fancy Shmancy Scence on this one, just me and my Monkey. I wanted to do something that I normally don’t do a lot of, a close up. I was Fortunate enough to get the Tableau Vivant things yesterday and boy what a change!. The skin is absolutly gorgeous it remind me of my younger days  (except there are no pimples and blackheads…ugh). The Hair is also well done, long and flowing, daym why can’t I buy this in RL?
I have also been looking forward to getting my little grubby claws on Alchemy’s offering for this round of the FGC and…Woots! I got it!. Jack The Monkey is..hell , a Monkey daym it!. You can tell a lot of time and care went into making this little guy..and it is so worth it! The hat and eyepatch are also well done…but..it’s a monkey daym it!
I also threw on a few more pieces. The 22769 Aisian queen collection looks really good and  I wore the Nose ring in the collection..A Pirate isn’t complete without one. I also used another piece of Jewelry, The Pekka  Somilia head jewel. for me I think it adds a bit of detail..oh and its purrty! A Pirate must also have a necklace and for that I went to .random.Matter. And the Fell necklace. its only one piece in the collection but very well done, as is the rest.
Last but not least is the fluffy shirt made famous by Sienfeld…ok he might not have been the first,,but still. !go! has done a freaking awesome job on the whole outfit, but today its just the shirt. Thats another reason for the close up..I didn’t feel like putting pants on today…What?! its sunday daym it!…your lucky ya didn’t see me in my lounger with my underwear and newspaper!.

~Tableau Vivant~ Echo – Tone 5 – Natural (brown) @ TMD
~Tableau Vivant~Andrew Hair – Regular – @ FaMESHed
IKON Spectral Eyes (right) – Denim
Alchemy – Jack The Monkey @ The  FGC soon
Alchemy – Captain’s Eye Patch – Red – RARE @ The  FGC soon
Alchemy – Captain’s Hat – Red – RARE @ The  FGC soon
22769 ~ [accessories] FGC [femme] Asian Queen (Gold) Nose ring @ The  FGC soon
.Pekka. Somilia head jewel – gold – ULTRA RARE @ The  FGC soon
.random.Matter. – Fell – Necklace – Gold/Black RARE @ The  FGC soon
!gO! Captain shirt S @ The  FGC soon


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